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About Magiflex

Magiflex is a multi-lensed effect plastic manufactured in Vinyl, polycarbonate or cellulose propionate. It is available in sheet or rolls.

Magiflex gets its’ effects of motion from thousands of minute parabolic lenses moulded into both sides of the surface. These lenses create shimmering patterns, stardust sparkles, shimmering silk, geometric repetition, all remarkably three dimensional.

Available in either translucent or opaque forms and in a variety of visual effects and colors. Magiflex is available in 5 patterns and 20 different colors. This highly printable, scorable,Graphics can be applied via silk screening, solvent ink or vinyl transfer, foldable, hot stampable, adhesively bondable, die cuttable, specialty film is ideal for applications such as packaging, in Commercial/retail design , wall covering , fixture, point-of-purchase displays, vending machines, clothing, apparel & accessories, business cards , decals, home furnishings and many other ingenius applications – virtually anywhere you need visual impact or to attract attention. There is virtually no limit to the uses for Magiflex film.

Magiflex is sold on rolls 60,96 cm wide by 45 meters lenghts , the thickness is .015 ". We have a minimum order quantity for most colors and effects.

Magiflex is tested to BS 5867 part 2, and BS 476 part 7 class 1 NOW also available "Magicglass" can be used for countertops , kitchen , bathroom doors , commercial /retail design, floors etc

 Adhesive Information

Magiflex is frequently bonded to various substrates for many distinctly different applications. 

All applications have specific performance requirements that can be achieved by selecting the right adhesive to do the job. In general, magiflex  recommends only water base type adhesives for bonding opaque (back coated) Magiflex. 

From information provided by our customers, coupled with some testing done at CNC. water base ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA),  polyvinyl acetate (PVA), pressure sensitive and contact adhesives work well when bonding Magiflex to wood, drywall, plywood, plaster, medium density fiberboard and other similar materials. When bonding this material to other substrates such as plastics, metals, fiberglass, etc., these above-mentioned adhesives plus a properly selected epoxy type adhesive could be made to work well. It is recommended that you contact your local adhesive distributor/supplier 

to obtain samples of these and other adhesive types. We strongly suggest that tests/trials be conducted by the user to ensure the suitability of the adhesive selected prior to producing salable product.

Regardless of the adhesive type selected, it is essential that both surfaces are free from dirt, grease, moisture or any foreign matter that may inhibit bond strength and the adhesive manufacturers recommended procedures be followed. Below is a list of selected adhesives that have been tested or used in production to bond Magiflex to various substrates. There are undoubtedly many other adhesives not listed that would be suitable for bonding Magiflex.